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Thermal Cash Register Paper

Product name:thermal paper
Size:80*80mm 80*60mm 80*50mm

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Product name:thermal paper
Size:80*80mm 80*60mm  80*50mm

The thermal cash register paper is a roll paper produced by simple processing using thermal paper as a raw material. Also known as: roll-type thermal cash register paper, thermal printing paper. The thermal cash register paper is mainly used in the thermal printer of the cash register system. The thermal cash register paper has uniform color, good smoothness, high whiteness, long shelf life, no need to print consumables, no ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridge. Therefore, in the cash register system, the thermal cash register paper has a tendency to replace the ordinary cash register paper. Thermal cash register paper is now widely used in supermarkets, hotels, banks, telecommunications, medical and other industries.
Provides thermal checkout paper in a variety of sizes and qualities. Good quality and reasonable price. Can provide different weights of thermal paper, ordinary thermal paper, three anti-heat paper (waterproof, oil proof, friction proof) long-term preservation of thermal paper (can reach 5 years, 10 years or more shelf life).
1) The heat sensitivity is strong, the color rendering effect is clear and full.
2) The coating of the heat-sensitive powder is fine, uniform and non-stick coating.
3) The paper roll is compact and the paper end is smooth.
4) Dimensions of different materials and specifications can be supplied according to customer requirements: paper core, plastic core.
5) Provide different packaging according to customer's requirements: blister packaging, gold foil packaging, and separate plastic bag packaging.

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