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What Is The Attention To The Use Of Carbon Free Paper
Mar 29, 2018

1, pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative sides of the coating. CB and CF face can get the duplication effect.

2, to prevent heavy pressure, collision, especially in the middle paper, otherwise it is easy to produce stain, and affect the color performance.

3, to prevent the sun, otherwise seriously affect the color rendering performance;

4, avoid contact with organic solvents and oily substances, otherwise affect hair color;

5, printing pressure should not be too large, especially in the middle paper, otherwise it will easily damage the microcapsule, and color will appear after the page.

6. When making holes, you should pay attention to the influence of air humidity on the size of paper, try to arrange the operation under the same conditions, otherwise it will be easy to get holes and pages.

Carbon free copy paper quantitative:

The quantification of carbonless copy paper mainly refers to the weight of each square meter paper. The average CB paper is 45g/, 50g/, CFB paper is 52g/, CF paper is 52g/.

Color of carbon free paper

The color of carbon free copy paper is mainly white, red, yellow, blue and green.

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