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What Are The Problems In The Use Of Computer Printing Paper?
Apr 04, 2018

1. The needle type printer is a matching machine for computer printing paper. Please read the product instructions and operation manual carefully before using your printer to understand its internal structure, performance, scope of application, operation rules, control requirements and so on so that it can be used correctly.

2, computer printing paper also has positive and negative points, in order to ensure the quality of printing, to ensure that printed on the front side of computer paper. Method of judgement: the front face of single computer printing paper is smooth and folded and the edge is concave.

The collimating claw of the front page of the multilayer computer printing paper is concave. At the same time, when using multi-layer computer paper, be careful not to reverse the paper, otherwise it will not color.

3, the needle printer can also be used for printing of single copy paper. It usually has a control lever on the machine to adjust the printing of copy paper and the continuous printing of computer paper. After starting the machine, please make the corresponding differentiation and adjustment according to your needs, and the multi-layer computer print paper should adjust the control lever to the continuous printing position.

4, when the paper is placed, we must pay attention to the proper position of the paper, and whether the paper is aligned parallel to the towing device. After the paper is loaded, the paper should be stretched to ensure that the first paper edge is clean and flat, and the paper can be walked smoothly to avoid the paper card in the paper or paper slot.

5, when tearing off the printed computer paper, it is best to fold or use a tearing paper knife along the edge line, and pay attention to the force even, so as not to cause the paperboard to be caused by the tearing of the paper.

6, when printing multi-layer computer paper, please choose the normal print file. If there is no special requirement, avoid printing at high speed as far as possible, so as to ensure that the print is clear.

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