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How To Distinguish And Select The Suitable Print Paper?
Apr 25, 2018

Printers are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Many home users buy Printers, but when it comes to consumables, the choice of printing paper is extremely important. As the printer's output, the quality of the printing paper will directly affect the printer's performance. Poor print paper can cause multiple pages into paper and paperboard at the same time, resulting in shortened printer life. At the same time, if the selected printing paper does not meet your application, it will affect the printing effect, and it may also lead to waste of investment.

At present, the printers used by home users and SOHU users are mainly color inkjet printers and laser printers. Then, a simple analysis is made for the printing paper used by these two types of printers.

Ordinary copy paper, or copy paper, is the most convenient price.

This is also the most commonly used print paper, which is mainly used to print text, tables and charts. The copy paper is low in technical content, mainly considering the large number of users' printing demand and low cost. But the copy paper also involves the quality and color. The quality of different copy paper is also different. The higher the quality of the copy paper, the more durable and durable paper. The color of paper is also bleached and bleached. The bleached paper is white, and the effect of printing with text is better.

There are many brands and different prices in the general printing paper market.

This is the most common print paper - copy paper, the better quality products, the price is relatively high, which needs to start from your needs, if you are office use, that small editor suggested that you choose the flagship, small steel cannon and other famous brand products. If you are printing some non official documents, cheap copy paper will save you unnecessary expenses.

But one point to remind you, do not choose 60 grams of paper, such paper because of the thinner, easy to produce wrinkles, the friction coefficient between paper is also relatively large, easy to cause multiple pages of paper and paper, the phenomenon of the printer, affecting the life of the printer.

Generally speaking, ordinary copy paper is a good choice for users with larger print volume. It can also be applied to inkjet printers and laser printers. However, due to the limitation of the quality of paper, the output of image is inferior.

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