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How Is Carbon Free Paper Synthesized?
Mar 09, 2018

Melamine formaldehyde resin is one of the important synthetic materials for carbonless copy paper. Its existence greatly affects the use and performance of carbonless copy paper.

Carbonless copy paper is a kind of implicit color carbon paper, which has the function of direct copying and direct color rendering.

Its color display is under external force, and makes the pigment and oil solution spilt in the microcapsule with the color agent after the contact with the chromogenic agent, so it can play the role of duplicating.

Therefore, the production technology of microcapsule is very important for improving the quality of carbonless copy paper. Here, we need to know what melamine formaldehyde resin is.

Synthesis and process of melamine formaldehyde resin:

Melamine formaldehyde resin is used as the wall material of the coated oil, so the quality of melamine formaldehyde resin synthesis has great influence on the quality of capsule and capsule.

The stability of melamine formaldehyde resin is mainly determined by the polymerization degree of polymerization.

When the polymerization degree is large, the viscosity of the resin solution increases, the storage period becomes shorter, and the water solubility of the resin is also small.

The degree of polymerization of melamine formaldehyde resin is affected by various reaction factors in synthesis, especially in acidic medium, the temperature is most obvious.

When the temperature is increased, the reaction speed is quicker, and the polymerization degree of the resin increases. When the temperature is too high, the reaction time is shortened, the condensation reaction speed is quicker and the degree of polymerization increases rapidly, which often leads to the gel.

Conversely, if the temperature is too low, the reaction rate is slow, and the polymerization is too small, the resin will be hard to solidify.

Therefore, the reaction temperature should be controlled to obtain a better melamine formaldehyde resin. In actual production, the melamine formaldehyde resin can not be stored for more than three days.

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