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2 Part Computer Paper

Pressure-sensitive printing paper, also known as carbonless printing paper, is different from ordinary A4 paper....

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The printing paper is divided into single layer, multi-layer, multi-layer and 2-6 joint. The common multi-layer printing paper is 241. 2 part computer paper maily devided into two ply,
Pressure-sensitive printing paper, also known as carbonless printing paper, is different from ordinary A4 paper. It is suitable for needle printers. The needle on the printer is pressed to make the color on the paper into text. The first joint is pressed by the ribbon. The color of the text, the pressure sensitive printing paper is more commonly used, it is a good helper for warehouse picking and storage.
Carbonless printing paper with holes on both sides, the size is 9.5X11 inches, that is, 241mmX279mm; when installing carbonless printing paper, be sure to install, card hole position Otherwise it is easy to jam.
Clear printing paper, there are no paper scraps, the number of pages is sufficient, and the packaging is exquisite.  affordable, prints smoothly and does not jam.
30-day long warranty, due to quality problems with 30days, can be reissued free of charge in the next order.
Time saving: accurate hole spacing, simple card position and regular locking.
Labor saving: simple and easy to tear, clear color, long-lasting storage, easy to distinguish.
Save money: the price is better, the foot page is sufficient, the factory direct sales.
Production of raw materials technology: advanced technology, smooth paper feeding and no paper jam. Choose high-quality wood pulp paper production, use high-temperature environmental protection micro-capsules, carbonless coating technology, paper uniformity without leakage, clarity straight to six ply, clear and long-lasting color.
Double plastic packaging, waterproof and moisture proof.
Scope of application:
1, for all A4 dot matrix printers on the market.
2, the software used,
3, the scope of application
A, can be used as a sales invoice, picking list, purchase receipt.
B, financial accounting vouchers
C, attached to the invoice detail list.
Others can be used according to customer requirements.
How to use computer printing paper correctly,
1, between the paper box and the printer, please keep 30-40cm spacing, pay attention to be parallel with the printer.
2, please do not remove the paper moisture-proof bag, no moisture-proof bag, the paper is easy to deform in wet weather, please seal the moisture-proof bag when not in use to prevent the paper from getting wet.
Make sure that the bumps in the feeder are completely in the middle of the paper hole, otherwise it will cause paper jams.
Please adjust the gear position according to the actual situation. Generally, adjust the number to several gears. If the color is not good, please lower the gear position as much as possible to get the best effect (lowering the gear position will not damage the printer). Pressure-sensitive printing paper will only develop color when it reaches a certain pressure.
Contact sales can be customized according to demand
Quickly customize computer printing paper, logo printing, color printing, stubs and so on.

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