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NCR Forms

  • Continuous Forms

    The printing paper is divided into single layer, multi-layer, multi-layer and 2-6 joint. The common multi-layer printing paper is 241.

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  • 2 Part Computer Paper

    Pressure-sensitive printing paper, also known as carbonless printing paper, is different from ordinary A4 paper.

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  • 3 Part Computer Paper

    Carbonless printing paper with holes on both sides, the size is 9.5X11 inches, that is, 241mmX279mm; when installing carbonless printing paper, be sure to card hole position Otherwise it is easy to jam.

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  • Invoice Forms

    Invoice forms refers to the business vouchers issued and received by all units and individuals in the purchase and sale of goods, the provision or acceptance of services and other business activities.

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  • Delivery Note

    The delivery note is actually the sales item certificate between the seller and the buyer (customer).

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  • Bill of Lading

    A bill of lading is issued by the ship or its agent, certifying that the goods have been received, allowing the goods to be shipped to their destination and delivered to the shipper.

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  • Purchase Order Forms

    A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.

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  • Work Order Form

    Product: Product:computer printing paper
    Size: 241-280mm
    Color: White red blue green yellow white

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