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Many business transactions require receipts. They are cash transactions Voucher , such as supermarket receipts, hotel receipts, restaurant receipts, hospital receipts, etc., which are basically divide into1-4ply. The size and content can be customized. 50 boxes is min order.
  • Out Warehouse Bill

    Out warehouse bill is a voucher for the mutual transfer of goods between merchants, which is a means to facilitate reconciliation and settlement and reduce cash payment.

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  • In Warehouse Bill

    In warehouse bill is actually a voucher for the goods to be exchanged between the merchant and the merchant.

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  • Account Forms

    The account forms will be in different formats depending on the account. There are standards for paper financial forms that are useful for data analysis.

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  • Sales Book

    sales book is a chronological display of the merchandise sales account. You can use the search function to query the sales records of a certain period of time or a certain period of time by product and time.

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  • Official Receipt

    Official receipt mostly we use is the single-column receipt, the specification is 30-piece, divided into two, the first joint retention, the second joint to the customer ,aslo have 3-ply receipts, which are SLM, Receipt and Accounting.

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  • Inventory Forms

    The inventory forms is a numbering table designed to facilitate the management of goods. According to the inventory table, the staff can quickly find the goods.

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